Biomedical and biotech innovation

Innovation evaluation and solutions

Partnering opportunities

Open innovation


The organization might have an innovation problem if…

· It has been losing market share to competition.
· It has been a while since new products and services were launched.
· The brand is losing recognition.
· It has trouble differentiating itself from competition.
· It gets harder to attract and retain high potential employees.

Our Services

No two situations are identical. We will work with you to analyze your unique situation, diagnose your problems, and propose tailored solutions.

The process might include the following services:

· Identifying specific areas primed for innovation enhancement.
· Identification of potential barriers and the tools that could remove them.
· Opportunities to partner to create synergy in an innovation network.
· Evaluating suitability of funding proposals, investment plans, etc.

We differentiate through our dedication to analyzing your unique situation and working with you to develop a tailored plan of action.

Current area focus. Amplinovia currently concentrates on enhancing innovation in the biomedical and biotech areas, leveraging experience with creation and assessment of innovation in these fields, and by using up to date tools and technologies for your specific needs.

However, true to its philosophy, Amplinovia also welcomes the opportunity to provide fresh perspectives on innovating in other areas.

Examples of recent projects

Investment opinion

Request: Investment group sought advice regarding value proposition presented by biotech start-up.
Delivered: Amplinovia provided strategic and technical assessment report, including proposed solutions to reposition product to increase value proposition of start-up.

Technical advice

Request: Biotech sought help with technical problems with biomedical engineering project.
Delivered: Amplinovia troubleshot and provided new technology solution.

Partnering enablement

Request: Biotech focused on development of new diagnostic tool sought advice for finding partners with complementary expertise and resources.
Delivered: Amplinovia identified new partner, presented the case for partnering on both sides, and facilitated the introduction.

Innovation Strategy

Request: Corporation requested evaluation of possibility to pursue new paradigm in the area of personalized medicine.
Delivered: Amplinovia outlined overall strategy, suggested specific pilot project, and identified expertise and resource gaps.